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Before traveling


10 Reasons why not to leave your comfort zone and travel to visit us in the south of Greece to be our guest at our renovated stone house in Methana…. 


 1. It is the end of the world: after the flight, you have to drive 3 hours from Athens on super curvy roads, or take a train to Piraeus, from there a boat, then a taxi. 


 2. In the village, there are no shops, bars, public transportation, doctors, grocery stores - if you are looking for a party or shopping paradise, it’s the wrong place. We are a 5 minutes drive from Methana town, where we get our necessities. 


 3. We live in rural Greece, where there are harmless lizards, spiders, ants and of course mosquitoes. We have screens on the main windows and around the beds. 


 4. Our house is beautiful and comfortable to our standards, but it’s not a five star hotel. There are two shared bathrooms, and if someone uses up all the hot water you have to wait till the boiler heats up. 


 5. The neighbors are friends to us, and whoever might mow grass, water olive trees, mix cement, walk sheeps, etc., aren't distractions, but life in the village, where you are welcomed as a guest.​


6. We love children, but we don't recommend traveling with them - the village is often boring for kids, and the wine is too delicious for you to have your child around.​


7. We are 100% vegans, we serve and offer only plant based food. You will always have the opportunity to eat what you choose in your free time, or accept the challenge and try veganism for 5 days. 


8. We ​are driving our beloved, worn-out 20 year old car - it’s functional and safe, but certainly not a luxury vehicle - but who’s judging a book by its cover? 


9. We are no tour guides, no drivers, no chefs, no hoteliers. We are journalists and actors, sharing our way of living, offering vegan food, and sustainable living retreats with creative workshops. 

10. We believe in equality of humans, regardless of race, religion, or identity. If you think anyone should be discriminated or looked down on based on any of these, this is not your scene

Possible Ways of Travlling 

Methana can be reached by bus or boat from Athens, by driving a car, or by taxi.

Car rental at Athens Airport is available - the journey to us takes about 3 hours, towards Corinth city through the highway, then through a beautiful beach and mountains road by Epidaurus, turning towards Galatas town, finally through Methana town up until our mountain side village: Megalochori. We recommend the use of navigation and we are happy to send you recommendations where to stop and what to do. We recommend:, as a very trusted company that offers comfortable price packages. 

The bus arrives to Galatas town, and runs for about 3 hours. The direct ferry boat from Piraeus - the port of Athens arriving to Methana town in 2 hours. There are also speed boats: “Flying Dolphin” that do Piraeus - Methana in under an hour, or "Flying Cat" arriving to Poros island, where you can take a two mimutes taxi boat ride to the nearby town of Galatas.

From Methana town we are happy to pick you up with our car and take you to your accommodation free of charge, and from Poros / Galatas we offer help to connect you with a local driver who can wait for you and pick you up. 

We also offer pick-ups and we have few trusted taxi drivers friends, who can wait for you and take you from Athens International Airport straight to our doorstep. The direct private drive cost 220€ Athens-Methana, or 380€ if booked both ways.

All of our activities offered, room rental, cooking class and meals, 

will be invoiced as creative workshops / lectures.

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