Culinary & culture experiences

Come and stay with us at our creative studio, choose if you wanna stay for 3 nights or 5 nights and enjoy the activities we put together especially for making your vacation unforgettable.

The stay including everyday plant based breakfast to your terrace,

and one meal at one of our favorite Greek taverna around the Peloponnese.

The activities we offer

Meet Methana

A full day of discovering Methana, the nature & the culture, climbing the majestic volcano, optionally seeing the breathtaking Pigeon Cave, dipping ourselves in hot spring, picking fresh herbs, meeting the friendly local people, and watching the sunset at a hidden bay, with a rich plant based meal at one of our favorite local tavernas.

Kristóf and Nimi

Let's Get Wild... and Wine!

Seeing one of the most magical spot on the Peloponnese, the unbelievable beautiful Devil's bridge in the forest of Troezen, dipping ourselves in the cold water that comes from the underground cave, climbing through the waterfall, having a huge plant based feast at the Greek diner of Gianna by an unlikely spot, followed by sunset wine tasting at the local winery of the Andreou family.

Kristóf and Nimi

Away From Home

Discovering some of the bests of the East side of the Peloponnese: the ancient theater of Epidavros, and the most popular, best known tourist stop, Nafplion - with the legendary old town, incredible food market, of course enjoy a delicious and rich meal on us, and deep at the famous Tolo sea side.

Kristóf and Nimi

Plant Based Brunch or Dinner

Be a guest at our home and creative studio for an unforgettable meal we prepare especially for you, accordingly to what you like, using 100% plant based ingredients, some from our organically grown garden. We’ll prepare a spread, a salad, a side,

and a main dishes with a dessert, and a jug of wine, with a surprise mini cocktail.

Kristóf and Nimi

Plant Based Community Cooking Class

Two hours one on one, personal plant based cooking class, using local ingredients, some from our organically grown vegetable garden, inspired by Greek & international cuisine, aligning a starter, a main dish, and a side, flushed down with local wine.

Kristóf and Nimi

Picnic on The Sea

Let's take a basket of Greece with us to our boat – let us prepare you a delicious combination of locally sourced Greek snacks, with a main dish, a spread, and a side dish, with bread, and fresh fruits, topped with wine, of course, and have us briefly explain at pick-up what you’ll munch on and where we sourced the delicacies, served on sea after an hour long cruise around Methana with our little speed boat, Korali.