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Where and who are we


Welcome to Methana, Greece’s most unexplored, secret gem, where we are waiting for you with plant based cooking authentic gastronomy, travel writing, and digital nomad social media workshops in our private art studio and on the go.

There are about 150 people living in Methana, and in our village Agios Giorgios regularly there are about 20. Methana cannot be called as tourist destination, although the locals and nature has so much to show and give.

That is why we are offering "getaway" trip workshops to adventurous people, who are not afraid being far from souvenir shops and ready to experience a unique way of seeing the life in the village, by the sea, the mountains around, the volcano, hot springs and caves, to visit our most famous neighboring island and cities, meet local farmers, olive oil and wine makers, tastethe local pastries, pies and breads, and of course eat at the bests tavernas.

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We are Kristóf & Nimi, married couple originally from Budapest & Tel Aviv.

We are both human, animal rights, and ecological living activists,  journalists for several international magazines, we run a few plant based food businesses, we are published book writers, social media experts, public speakers and actors.

In 2019 spring we decided to make a change in our lives, we left the big cities, 

our families and friends, we packed ourselves and our stuff, we got two small studio apartments in a very tiny village by the sea on a small peninsula called Methana, and we establish the new Greek, but mostly simple life.

Together with our 6 adorable cats, we are growing our own veggies, 
cooking our own plant based food, and trying to create as much as we can with our hands, jewelry, home decoration, and even clothes. Now we decided we want to share this kind living with others.


Come open minded, with open hearts, come curious, come excited and most important - come hungry.

We are waiting for you

with lots of love (and wine)
Kristóf & Nimi

For general enquiries & further information,

please feel more then free to contatct us


WhatsApp: +972 50 77 48 213 

@nimrodagan, @kristofsteiner 

Photographers: Timea Saghy, Mate Czaban, Sara Salamon, Nahumi Hay, Omri Golan 
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