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Be Our Guests


Meet us in Methana town

Be our guests for a full day, together we will discover Methana, the nature, the culture and surrounding villages, climbing the majestic volcano, seeing the breathtaking Pigeon Cave, dipping ourselves in hot spring, visiting ancient churches and the historical acropolis, picking fresh herbs, meeting the friendly local people, and watching the sunset at a hidden bay, with a rich plant based meal at one of our favorite local tavernas. 

Plant Based Brunch or Dinner

Be a guest at our 150+ year old renovated village stone house for an unforgettable meal we prepare especially for you, according to what you like, using 100% plant based ingredients, some from our organically home grown garden. The meal will include 6 dishes, a dessert and of course local wines. 


Plant Based Cooking Class

Three hours one on one, personal plant based cooking class at our house, using local ingredients, some from our organically grown vegetable garden, inspired by Greek & international cuisine, aligning a starter, a main dish, and a side, flushed down with local wine.


Summer Camp for Grown-up Kids


Join our 4 nights / 5 days all inclusive retreat, staying at our 160 year old renovated village stone house in a group of maximum 8 travelers from all around the world. Enjoy vegan brunches made by us, daily programmes, activities, sharing circles, meditation, yoga, movement, drama therapy, cooking classes, and tavern meals.

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