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Welcome to Kristóf & Nimi's Market! 


We are presenting a collection of hand picked, collected and renovated beauties from our favorite spots, shops, markets, and sometimes from the sides of the roads. 


We are trying to support and collaborate with local businesses, farmers, and other   creators from the Peloponnese, and we also do DIY goods of our own. Our books are up for grabs too! 


Peek into our showroom - all items are available in our little studio, and you can purchase them leaving a suggested* contribution. If you'd like to order an item online, please get in touch with us via


*Our plant based cookbooks and our online cooking classes / lectures / coaching are priced differently.

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Personal online vegan cooking class with us, three dishes in 90min, we are creating FOR you the menu YOU want to cook and eat.


Kristóf's Feast
Hungarian language

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Nimi & Kristóf's Kitchen
Vegan English E-Book 


Kristóf's Secrets
Hungarian language

Kristóf's Kitchen
English Language cookbook

Nimi's & Kristófs Kitchen
Hungarian language


Kristóf's Kitchen
Hungarian language

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