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Welcome to our summer camp for grown up: let’s get together with like-minded, adventurous, open minded people, reveal our true self, meditate, share, play, relax, venture, eat and drink well and a lot, and enjoy ourselves surrounded by the breathtaking nature of the hidden, volcanic peninsula of Methana, one of New York Times magazine’s "must place to visit in 2023".



Your hosts are Kristóf & Nimi, born in Budapest and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, living in Agios Georgios, Methana, for the fifth year now. We are a married couple who established a minimalist, yet prosperous life in rural Greece - we are both human and animal rights activists, published authors and public speakers, and we are inviting you to a trip where we are redefining freedom, liberation together. 




Welcome to Methana, Greece’s most unexplored, secret gem. There are only a few hundred people living here, and in our village of Agios Georgios regularly there are about 10. Methana cannot be called a tourist destination, although the locals and nature have so much to show and give. It’s not for everyone - but for adventurous people, who are not afraid being far from souvenir shops and ready to experience a unique way of seeing the life in the village by the sea, the mountains around, the volcano, hot springs and caves, to meet local farmers, olive oil and wine makers, and of course eat at the best tavernas.

The house

HELONE, our newly renovated 150 years old stone house in the village of Megalochori, with four bedrooms, 2 shared bathrooms, a community kitchen, spacious living room area, lots of little external terraces and balconies you can get away to, craving solitude or wishing to socialize. 


The house was built and designed with beautiful traditional authenticity and lots of love together by us and our local friends Joana and Altin. The nearest café and minimarket with basic convenience products is only 3 minutes walk from us, Vathi port is 15 minutes, the nearest beach is 10 minutes & Methana town is 30 minutes walk

The programs


The schedule will change from one day to the other, every day will start with a big homemade brunch by us, and each day we have a short spiritual practice, may it be meditation, yoga, sharing circle, creative communication game, or other activity. In the afternoons, we often visit neighboring villages, towns, beaches, explore the local community and nature together. Every evening will end with a pre-ordered meal in one of the local tavernas. As much as we are a group, each participant has freedom to decide to join or not join us whenever he feels like, it’s your vacation after all!

The meals

All meals are 100% vegan. We’ll cook, serve and eat plant based. The brunches prepared by us will be served every morning between 10.30 to 12.30, for early birds there will be coffee, tea, granola and fresh fruits. The suppers will be taking place in local tavernas, or will be prepared by us as part of a workshop, depending on the daily activities. 

Everyone is welcome to join us in the kitchen, preparing meals together - but of course, it is not an obligation for anyone. No, you don’t have to be vegan to join the retreat or to enjoy the food, you do need to be curious for this challenge, and respectful towards others. 



Pricing varies for a person in a shared or private room, two friends sharing a room or a couple. Our four bedrooms are different from each other by their view: Lighthouse, Master Bedroom, Caveroom & Watchtower. 

The transfer 

We recommend flying to Athens - as it is the nearest airport. Methana is 3 hours drive, or about 2 hours on a boat from Piraeus port. We provide a one time come and go minibus transfer from Athens center to the venue and back, on the first day and last day of the retreat, for an extra cost of between 30€ to 80€ per person for each way (depends on how many people are sharing the car / minibus. 

Usually the transfer on the first day of the retreat leaves from Monastiraki square after 1PM, and from Methana back to the center on the last day at 1Pm. Whoever’s scheduled flight can’t meet the schedule of the transfer by us - we can help you find a boat to Poros Island or to Methana (usually around 25/45€), from or to there there is an extra cost of 20/40€ of taxi to the venue. 

We highly recommend staying a night in Athens before and after the retreat, also to fit for the time of the transfer or boat timetables, but also for having the full experience. 

The review


"Kristóf and Nimi's natural way allows emotions to be expressed - all thoughts find listening ears. There is no urgency, nothing is mandatory, but everything is okay to say and do, as long as it does not violate the freedom of others. We watched and helped the development of every relationship, of overcoming inhibitions, and we rejoiced at every personal success. It felt like a protective net around the entire process. 

We pushed boundaries so organically, we almost didn't notice it, and while spending nights talking about time, fate, passing, change, love, aging, art, social subjects, we didn't even realize what strong threads we wove between all of us. If you empathize with this just a little, go -  holiday, eat, party, or just be with the boys for a week. Not to become enlightened, or vegan afterwards. Just to experience." Forbes magazine, 2022



Ask yourself where you are right now in your life and try to understand if the experience we offer can suit you. If you are looking for a little break from everything, for a holiday when you can just lay back, or a safe place to go through your spiritual, practical process, if you feel uninspired and need an escape in a company that never judges you, or if you feel super inspired to make a great change in your life, and you think this week might provide a fun jumping board for that, you might find with us what you are looking for… 

Got excited? Us too! Waiting for you with warm heart and open mind, Kristóf & Nimi

For future dates, availabilities, prices and booking write us an email or WhatsApp

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