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3 years after we left we came to visit Israel Kristof and I, the world meanwhile turned upside down, but the places we loved to sit at, the little stores, local markets and mostly the people: are all the same. 


Being in Israel brings back lots of memories, most of them are good, some were life changing, funny or sad, but in all of them there was always food on the table.


Our journey of cooking together started here, at our 24 square metres rental apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv, It all started from our intention of wanting to spend as much time as we can together.


We were both vegans when we’ve met, but the different was that Kristof just released his first cookbook of 108 plant based recipes he created himself,


I was the type of vegan who eats cornflakes 3 for meals a day, full pieces of raw vegetables and on days I was letting myself go crazy I ate my favourite of all: french fries. 


Kristof started his adventures as a young chef, got invited to festivals and restaurants, to do pop ups, workshops and cooking classes all around the world and I joined him. 


From there the time we started to cook and host on our balcony was very short. Apparently many people wanted to come to be our guests and eat the food we made.


One of people’s favorites was this fried mushroom with green herbs, super delicious and really easy to make, here is the recipe for all the mushroom lovers to enjoy. 


Ingredients: 4 portobello or oyster mushrooms, red onion, 2 clove of garlic, olive oil, balsamic, agave, greens, salt & pepper. 


1. We cut the stems and caps into thin circles, in case of using oyster you can tear them into 2 cm pits. We peel the onion, cut it into boat shapes, peel and thinly slice the garlic. 


2. We mix tbsp olive oil with tbsp vinegar and a few drops of agave in a bowl and we use a kitchen brush to cover both sides of the mushroom with the dressing.


3. In a large frying pan we heat up some olive oil, we start frying the onions and garlic, about two minutes in the mushrooms can follow. It's important for the mushrooms to touch the surface, we turn them to the other side when they get a bit brown. 


4. We heat up some olive oil again, and when it's really hot we sprinkle in all the finely chopped greens to fry them just enough for them to shrink a little.

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