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The Greek vegan keftedes Kristóf made for the woman who ran away from our getaway studio apartment in south of Greece.  

So, after half a year of lockdown Greece is back to life, taverns are open and tourism is finally allowed. The last visitor we had arrived a few days before the lockdown began. "And where is the closest grocery store?“ she asked Kristóf and me after arriving at our guest studio apartment at the tiny Greek village where we live & host by the sea from.


"There are no shops in the village, as I told you", I said, and she looked at me devastated, "How are all the people here living without a shop?“, “We are not more than 10 people in the village at this time of the year and everyone are used to it, the closest town is about 15 minutes drive, there are two tavernas by the sea, and few times a week the baker from town come with fresh bread, pastries, olive oil and wine, farmers from around the island are coming over with their organic vegetables and fruits to the main square, what else people need here?"


"I thought you were just exaggerating when you said a description far from civilization". Few hours later when the sun rise up in the middle of the sky and after she had the 100% plant based breakfast from the home grown veggies we prepared for her, she knocked on our front door with tears in her eyes and said "you guys are adorable, the food was absolutely fabulous and your place is extremely beautiful, but I can't stay here being so isolated from the world, I have to see a crowd of people, some shops and to have at least one cup of coffee in a coffee place as Starbucks or something like that".  One of the dishes Kristóf prepared for her was keftedes - Greek meatballs originally fried, Kristóf of course made it vegan and baked. 

Ingredients: Medium and cute purple cabbage, three carrots, white onion, four cloves of garlic, 150 grams of walnuts, a handful of sun-dried tomatoes, parsley, a tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper.

We and our studio apartment are waiting for those who are brave enough to visit our whild village and us. Come with an open mind and heart, creative, hungry and in the mood for a glass of wine. 

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