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Fried onion rings stuffed with guacamole - recipe: 


If it was up to me, Kristof and I would not be traveling anywhere. And no, this is not something that has started in the past two years since COVID has been around, it has always been like this. Because being home is the most comfortable, because at home the food is the most delicious, because of our cats, because of the million plants we have and my God - how hard it is for me to put everything I might need in a bag or suitcase - big as it may be.


But then came an offer that could not be refused as Marlon Brando said in that movie… and Kristof and I were invited to cook breakfast, dinner and cooking classes at yoga retreat in Mexico. For two weeks on the beach of Cancun from the end of November until almost the middle of December - we will be there.  Far from home, cats and plants, but on the other hand we will enjoy a summer that is still on the peak at the other side of the world.


The exciting challenge is that we were asked to incorporate Mexican dishes in menus and workshops, so in the recent weeks we found ourselves reading and watching, searching and trying and improvising and eating a lot, until we put together a respectable list of recipes with a Mexican flavours, exciting, delicious and insanely different from how and what we usually cook.


Here are fried onion rings stuffed with guacamole cream and served with a spicy and sweet chilli sauce.  Yes you read that right, onion rings stuffed with guacamole and served with hot and spicy chili.  


(Ingredients list and recipe for ten onion rings)


For the guacamole: one chunky and handsome avocado, zucchini, fresh and beautiful coriander, one red pepper, two cloves of garlic, lemon, a tablespoon of olive oil, salt and black pepper.


Method: Chop small the zucchini, the pepper and the coriander, in a mixing bowl mix everything together with the avocado we have mashed, we squeeze a lemon, garlic, ending a tablespoon of olive oil and season with salt and pepper as much as you like.


For the onion rings: two not too large white onions, chickpea flour, 100 grams of roasted almonds, dried chili, garlic and oil for frying.


Method: Cut the onions into thick strips, fill each strip with the avocado spread and form a kind of belly for each ring. In two flat plates we put in one two tablespoons of chickpea flour and in the other we put roasted almonds that we crushed (you can also use bread crumbs instead),


In a medium bowl we put about half a cup of chickpea flour and a cup and a half of water, salt, garlic and dry chili. Ring after ring we dip on all sides first in the dry chickpea flour, then in the wet and finally in the almonds and hop into the pan to the hot oil.


For the chili sauce we squeezed tomatoes, mixed well with dry chili, a little sesame and a pinch of soy sauce.

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