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“What would you want to do tonight on your last day of being 39” I asked him few hours before he turned 40, 


he smiled for a second and than he answered: “let’s put some music on, open a bottle of red, cook something, and join our cats in the bed, watch a movie till we fall asleep”. 


And we did. My best friend turned 40, I love him in a way words cannot express. I love him as the summer, as duvet blanket in rainy day, as cocktail in sunset time on the beach, I love him as I love chocolate cake. 


Here is Kristof’s Oreo pie with Oreo cookie crust with fresh strawberries on top, perfect for any ages and all types of celebrations.


Ingredients (for about 12 slices):


30-35 Oreos (gluten free chocolate cookies work too, and if you don’t use packaged products you can simply use ground oats)

6 tbsp. coconut oil

3 bars (300g) of dark chocolate with at least  60% cocoa content (can be sugarless too)

3 large tbsp. peanut butter

1 cup of plant based cream or can of coconut cream



1. We melt the coconut oil, and crumble the Oreos in a food processor. By adding the fats to the crumbs work them together. 


2. We press the crumbs to the bottom and sides of a pie mould to create a pool with depth and edge. It can now go to the freezer to harden a bit.


3. In the meantime we break the chocolate, melt it, but before we burn it, we start adding coconut cream bit by bit, and by constant mixing and adding the peanut butter we work it into a cream. 


Extra tip - true hedonists (like us) add a bit of espresso, orange juice or whiskey. 


4. We pull out the Oreo crust from the freezer, fill in with the rich and thick chocolate cream, which we spread evenly out. That's about it. 


5. The cake can now be decorated as desired, with almond shavings, grated coconut, and fresh strawberries or – for those who just can't get enough of all the good stuff – some more Oreo cookies. 


6. At this point we are placing it back into the fridge to allow it to harden a bit more, is advised. Be careful! It's highly addictive.

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