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“What do you want me to make for dinner?” Kristof is asking me every second day when the sun is starting to go down and we both feel that our bellies are getting ready for a meal.


With Kristof you can never know how long he is going to stay standing in the kitchen, how many pots and pans he is going to make dirty with his ideas and how many dishes will end up on the table, especially after us admitting “we have nothing to cook from.” 


His one pan dish style is always my favourite, when he puts together a rich combination of different ingredients that comes together for a celebration of colours, textures and tastes. 


This one here is fried pumpkin & cabbage with black beans and spinach sauce. Who wants the recipe? 


Ingredients as per 2 hungry people: 

1 small pumpkin, 

purple cabbage, 

purple onion, 

cup of beans, 

bunch of fresh spinach, 

olive oil, 




nutmeg, salt & pepper.


How Kristof did it: the beans he soaked in water with a teaspoon of baking soda, then he cooked them till they were soft. He peeled the pumpkin and chopped it to bite sizes. On a frying pan with a bit of olive oil he placed the pumpkin and let it burn from all sides, with a fork he checked it’s soft enough and he put the bites out.


On the same pan he put a bit of olive oil with all the spices, then the cabbage and onion that he chopped to thin strips, once they started to get colored he added the beans and finally he added the spinach on top and squeezed some garlic. 


As he said, it could be wonderful with fresh cubes of avocado on top, if not, just some fresh green herbs and lemon. Hope you will enjoy it as I did, my only addition for this recipe and my only contribution this time is to advise you to have it with a big glass of wine

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