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Few days after we met Kristof and I, we sat down to eat at a hummus place in the centre of Tel Aviv, it was end of March, Friday afternoon, just before the sun going down and the weekend vibes in kicking in, 


We were both huge hummus lovers, that was one of the many things that connected us immediately, and although we both lived in the city, we never ate at this specific place, 


the hummus was so good that by the time we finished our plats I looked at Kristof and I said: “maybe one day we’ll live in this neighbourhood and eat this hummus all the time”, 


He looked at me and, we both smiled and he said “I wish”. That was a very bright moment for two gay guys who just meet few days earlier, but we were honest with each other from the first time our eyes landed. 


A month later we found an apartment and we moved in together just 2 buildings away from that hummus place and we ate there every second day, 


and every time we smiled to ourselves, remember this Friday afternoon at the end of March, knowing that with this hummus we eat, with 24 square meters apartment we live at and with each other we made all our dreams come true. 


This one here is a green hummus. Yes, You might say hummus can be made only out of chickpeas and tahini, but we believe that in the kitchen everything can be replaced with everything, so instead of chickpeas we use green peas, and instead of tahini we used peanuts. 


Ingredients: 200 grams of green peas (we used fresh, also frozen can be good),50 grams of salted peanuts, 2 tbsp of olive oil , 1 lemon, splash of vinegar, 4 cloves of garlic, fresh mint, salt & pepper. 


Method: Putting everything together in a big mixing bowl, and with stick mixer we grind it all. Ps, if the texture is too thick you can mix a bit more olive oil and lemon in, or go crazy & make it creamier with some coconut cream.


So easy, very fun, light and delicious, just as dreams should be.

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